Repent or Perish – Luke 13:1-9 CG Curriculum


The Book of Luke
Written By: Luke, a Gentile physician and missionary companion of Paul
Primary Audience: Addressed to Theophilus, but intended for all believers
Date: Between AD 60 and 80
Theme: Luke presents Jesus as the Messiah and Lord whose life, death and resurrection make salvation available to all people everywhere.

Context of Luke Chapter 12
Luke 13:1-9

  • In Jesus’ previous exhortation, he admonished the people to realize their predicament, that judgement was around the corner. Here Jesus took the sudden and terrifying deaths of some innocent people to illustrate their tragic situation. Still stunned by the grisly murders, the people were, in effect, told by Jesus that they faced a similar fate—eternal death, much worse than physical death.

    Jesus used a contemporary event to drive home a point. The people were wondering whether those who had suffered so much were being specially judged by God. But Jesus forced them to consider whether they themselves were still under God’s judgement, a fate even more horrifying than what happened to the people murdered by Pilate. Jesus often used this technique. He didn’t let people sit back and analyze a subject, instead, he frequently confronted them, pressing them to reevaluate their lives in light of God’s perfect law (see Jesus’ answer to the lawyer in 10:25-37). Set aside a time to evaluate your speech, thought and actions, according to God’s standards. Leave enough time to confess your faults to Jesus and to receive the forgiveness you need to start anew.

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    Luke 12:35-48

  • What is going on in the passage?
  • What are the circumstances that Luke is addressing in these passages?
  • Does the writer mention anything that might indicate his purpose or intent?
  • Through Luke’s writing, how does Jesus want the people in the passage to respond?
  • When it comes to these passages what does Luke want us to understand when looking at these passages?


    After reading these verses apply then to you and the group

  • What does God want us to take away from these passages?
  • How will we live differently and be different today because of what we have studied in these passages?
  • What in our lives need to change in light of the Truth of God’s Word?


  • Pray through the passage and your application, asking God to change your heart and to change your life. Based on the time you’ve spent together in God’s Word.

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