Mary & Martha – Luke 10:38-42 CG Curriculum


  • What is your least favorite household chore?


    Read Luke 10:38-40

  • Are you more like Martha or Mary?
  • Just based upon this, what kind of person do you think Martha is?
  • What kind of person do you think Mary is?
  • Which one do you think was doing the right thing?
  • Which one would be most likely to help the church grow and stay on track?
  • Which one would be a better parent?

  • Read Luke 10:41-42

  • Do you think Jesus’ answer is sympathetic or critical in tone?
  • Is spending time with Jesus more important than doing acts of service?
  • In marriage, which is more important? Time together, or doing the practical things that need to be done?
  • What are the dangers of being focused on service instead of worship?
  • What are the dangers of being focused on worship instead of service?

  • Read John 11:17-27

  • What patterns do you notice about Mary and Martha in this passage compared to the Luke 10 passage?
  • Does Martha still sound bitter to you or she just being honest with Jesus?

  • Read John 12:1-8

  • Is this pattern of worship and being very impractical a good thing?


  • Pray for the whole group to have the heart of Mary and the hands of Martha and to find the balance of emotional affection for Jesus and practical concern for getting His will done.

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