Fear Not – Luke 12:1-12 CG Curriculum


The Book of Luke
Written By: Luke, a Gentile physician and missionary companion of Paul
Primary Audience: Addressed to Theophilus, but intended for all believers
Date: Between AD 60 and 80
Theme: Luke presents Jesus as the Messiah and Lord whose life, death and resurrection make salvation available to all people everywhere.

Context of Luke Chapter 12
Luke 12:1-12

  • Jesus turns his attention to the disciples in 12:1-12, as they deal with the huge crowds pressing around them. Their press raises an issue that becomes a temptation to the disciples: hypocrisy. An effort to maintain popularity easily leads to hypocrisy. Jesus warns them not to follow the example of the Pharisees, whose record Luke has just noted (11:37-52)
  • Bock, Darrell L. Luke: The NIV Application Commentary from Biblical Text–to Contemporary Life. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Pub. House, 1996.


    Luke 12:1-12

  • What is going on in the passage?
  • What are the circumstances that Luke is addressing in these passages?
  • Does the writer mention anything that might indicate his purpose or intent?
  • How does Luke want the people in the passage to respond?
  • When it comes to these passages what does Luke want us to understand when looking at these passages?


    After reading these verses apply then to you and the group

  • What does God want us to take away from these passages?
  • How will we live differently and be different today because of what we have studied in these passages?
  • What in our lives need to change in light of the Truth of God’s Word?


  • Pray through the passage and your application, asking God to change your heart and to change your life.Based on the time you’ve spent together in God’s Word.

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