Easter 2016: Rectified – CG Curriculum


The Book of John
Written By: Apostle John
Primary Audience: Gentile believers and seeking unbelievers
Date: Between AD 50 and 85

The Book of Acts
Written By: Luke
Primary Audience: Addressed to Theophilus, a high-ranking Roman Official, but intended for all believers.
Date: About AD 63
Theme: Luke shows how the gospel spread rapidly from Jerusalem to the whole Roman Empire, and from its Jewish roots to the Gentile world.


John 20:11-18
John 20:24-29
John 21:19 15
Acts 9:1-19

  • When it comes to these passages what does John and Luke want us to understand when looking at these passages?
  • What are the circumstances that John and Luke are addressing in these passages?
  • How do think John and Luke want the people in the passage to respond?


    After reading these verses apply then to you and the group

  • What does God want us to take away from these passages?
  • How will we live differently and be different today because of what we have studied in these passages?
  • What in our lives need to change in light of the Truth of God’s Word?


  • Pray through the passage and your application, asking God to change your heart and to change your life. Based on the time you’ve spent together in God’s Word.

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