We believe in the truth of scripture and study it as the foundation of all truth. We believe that a foundation of truth in the scriptures leads us to also have relationships with one another that are truthful and without hypocrisy. We believe in education both in the Biblical disciplines and in all other academic areas. We encourage all of our members to seek higher education and exercise their intellect to its fullest potential.


We believe that God’s glory is the purpose of all creation. In worship we seek to give Him what is due Him. Christ is the center of all of our worship. When we sing, receive communion, give, serve, and learn His word our goal is worship. Worship should always be in spirit and in truth according to John 4. It should be founded in truth and lead to an experience.


We believe that all believes should actively seek and develop godly relationships with other believers. Community means that we allow ourselves to be vulnerable sharing both our sins and our victories. One of our favorite phrases at Mosaic is “me too”. When we discover the struggles of other believers we do not seek to judge them but to connect with their struggle. “Me too” is the admission that we all struggle and that we all need Jesus and his grace.


We believe that we are supposed to live “missionally” in the culture to which we are sent. We live as missionaries learning the culture, the language, the needs, and the nuances of our culture. The church is not a safe place for the “good people” to be safe from the “bad people”. The church is a place where we pool our resource together to reach out to a hurting world with the good news of Jesus. We give the first 10% of the church’s income to missions and outreach both local and global.